"Almost the entire intake of carbohydrates that I had was only through eating vegetables. I had completely cut out wheat and rice from my diet for 18 months. So, anything I needed to get, apart from protein, I only got through eating vegetables,” said Farhan on Thursday.

"But the lesser cooked, the better it was, not flavoured very strongly," he added.

"Actually Vicky was the person I called and said 'I am going on this diet and it's going to end up destroying my soul if I eat the same thing every single day.' So, Vicky was very sweet and organised for somebody to come to my home and teach people things that can be done with the food I was allowed to eat and I must say I didn't go a single day unhappy," he added.

However, when asked if he can ever turn pure vegetarian, Farhan said that he doesn't see it happening.

"I think it's a natural thing and no one can force this on you. I have always enjoyed eating vegetarian food, but whether I will become pure vegetarian, I don't see the chances of that happening. I also do love my meat very much. Well protein is a polite way of saying it, but it's more about the taste," he said.


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