Farmers from National Farmers Empowerment Initiative (NFEI), an umbrella organisation of various farmer bodies across the country, also submitted a signed petition to the petition.
"Allow us to take this opportunity to congratulate you for making a bold statement that 'Science cannot be stopped' and clearly showcasing the need to allow scientific trials of GM (genetically modified) crops. This has rekindled Indian farmers' hopes of receiving new technologies in our fields," the petition said.
NFEI President and Punjab farmer leader PPS Pangli in a statement said, "We fear that a moratorium on research into biotechnology will ultimately have a ruinous effect on us farmers, as we will be denied crucial technology that will enable us to better our lives."
Pangli also added that there are fears and apprehensions over genetically modified (GM) crops, the solution is to test them in our fields for safety and efficacy, and ensure firm enforcement of the existing robust regulation system.
Echoing similar views, NFEI Secretary Balwinder Singh Kang said, "It is now time for agriculture in India to take another leap forward. And biotechnology can provide the right impetus. Technology can enable farmers to grow crops even in times of water shortages."
On July 18, the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, that works under the Environment Ministry, had given the green signal for field trials of genetically-modified rice, mustard, cotton, chickpea and brinjal.
The matter has been pending before the Environment Ministry which has the mandate to give a final nod.

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