New Delhi: In the backdrop of rising expenditure on agriculture and not getting the fair value of the yield, the aggrieved farmers made Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar aware of the ground realities.

The farmers cleared that if the Central government did not address their woes, they will stop growing wheat. A delegation of farmers expressed their displeasure over no coordination between the expenditure and support price.

The delegation expressed its grave concern on the Centre’s lax attitude towards agriculture sector. They also showed concern about expected food crisis and blamed the Centre’s policies for it.

The delegation said that farming is done mostly on rented lands for which they have to pay Rs 35, 000 per acre on yearly basis.

But, the support price is pegged at a mere Rs 13, 000. The doubling expenditure on agriculture has been ignored by the government.

Farmer leaders threatened that Punjab and Haryana farmers will join hands with Andhra Pradesh and stop growing wheat. They also present a detailed report of expenditure of wheat farming before Pawar.

Kisan Union leader Balbir Singh said that if the government wants to provide free food to anyone, they can do so from their end.