New Delhi: Much against the common perception of Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption being an urban middle class movement, farmers and tribals across the country joined the movement demanding a strong Lokpal.

A large contingent of farmers from Dousa, Rajasthan reached Ramlila Maidan on Monday to support the movement.

It seems that a new wave of support from rural India is in the offing in the coming days. Farmers and tribals from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari have decided to come in support of Anna.

While addressing from Anna’s stage, P V Gopal, who works for tribal communities said that huge number of tribal groups will start coming to Delhi from Tuesday.

“Farmers from J&K to Sikkim will reach Delhi in 2-3 days,” said people associated to Team Anna.

Gradually, farmers from Ahmedabad, Sholapur and Nagpur have already started reaching Ramlila Maidan.

As Anna’s fast entered the seventh day, the volume of his supporters is also growing. Now along with the rural support, trade unions of railway employees, bank and other government departments are coming together to give their overwhelming support to Anna’s fight against corruption.

The railway officials have even indicated of strikes if the government fails to commit passing of Jan Lokpal Bill.