New Delhi: Organising weddings and partying may burn a hole in your pockets as the MCD is going to escalate the renting of the registered farmhouses.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is planning to increase charges by two to five times the existing fee.

Presently, Rs 10, 000 and Rs 20, 000 are charged per event depending on the area of the farmhouses. Now, the MCD is planning to increase it to Rs 20, 000, Rs 40, 000 and upto Rs 1 lakh respectively.

MCD commissioner KS Mehra will put forward the proposal before the standing committee on Wednesday. If it is passed, hosting occasions at the registered farmhouses will be expensive.

There are 3,600 farmhouses registered with the MCD, but only a few of them are allowed for commercial activities. The owners of rest of the farmhouses have to pay service tax to the MCD.

According to the sources, the MCD will charge Rs 20,000 for farmhouses of area 2.5 acres, Rs 40, 000 for 2.5 acres to 5 acres. Farmhouses over five acres will have to pay Rs 1 lakh.

At present, a registered farmhouse with an area of 2.5 acre is required to pay Rs 10,000 per booking and Rs 20, 000 for 2.5 to 5 acres.