Here is a list of must-haves in a 50-year-old’s wardrobe:

- A lightweight tote: After years of carrying around a heavy handbag, you should go easy on your shoulders. So, buy a nylon tote.

- A statement belt: You can still make a fashion statement while you're in your fifties. And a belt not only makes a big impact, but it also helps to define your waist.

- Chic reading glasses: If you need to wear them, they might as well look cute.

- Opaque tights: It's the best solution if you still want to wear a skirt, but don't want to show your legs.

- A bra with enough support: As you get older, your breasts need a different kind of support than they did when you were in your twenties. Invest in a nice one that fits your chest at this stage in your life.

- A nice watch: One that isn't rubber.

- Low heel shoes: Get a boost without hurting your feet.

- Pearls: They're classic and elegant and you'll have them forever.


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