Here’s a list of fashion items that should be in every 40-year-old's closet, reported a website:

* A nice handbag: Spoil yourself and buy an expensive handbag that is hard to justify. You earned it.

* An evening coat: A coat that looks appropriate with a fancy dress and heels should be in your closet for sure.

* Diamonds: They don't need to be huge, but something that can sparkle your day.

* Leather gloves: They always look more polished and professional than a knit pair. Also, they don't get pulls. So, they won't need to be replaced frequently.

* A variety of slips: Make sure you have slips of all different lengths to go underneath your sheer clothes.

* A lounging robe: Robes made of silk and jersey can be worn while you are at home.

* A checkbook-sized wallet: The older we get, the more cards we end up collecting. A small purse just won't do it.


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