Here is the list of five fashion items which have ill-effect on women.

High heels

Wearing high heels regularly can make adverse effect on your health. It can cause shortening of the calf muscles, spinal injury, knee damage, cramping of toes.


Skin tight jeans

We know that skin tight jeans help you flaunt your toned legs but they also cut-off air supply. It exerts pressure on your joints which can lead to pain in the legs and might also slow down your metabolism.


Oversized heavy bags

We know oversized bags don't go out of trend and gel up well with almost every attire. You can carry all the important stuffs in a single package but did you know a heavy bag on your shoulder for a long time can give you pain in lower back, spine and neck.


Flip Flops

Colorful flip flops might look trendy and easy going but wearing too much of it can affect your skin adversely as most of the portion of your foot is exposed. Moreover, they are not good for extensive walking as well because they offer no support to the arch of the foot and don't even cushion the heel, or absorb shock. So, you can suffer from foot pain, orthopaedic issues like tendinitis.


Heavy earrings and necklaces

Our tender neck has to balance a heavy head and if we add weight of a heavy necklace it will create tension in your neck. It will lead to a change in your posture and also affect your back. Earrings that weigh on your earlobes can strain them. If worn too often, they can permanently stretch your piercing hole.

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