Getting dressed becomes a lot easier when you know about your body shape, no matter what trends or fashion fads are happening. But with so many different styles it can be challenging to find which cut is most flattering to your figure.

For the hourglass ladies
Hourglass body type is considered as an ideal body type with equal hip and bust measurements with a narrow waist, this body type is considered to be well proportionate. Such body types can pull off a sleeveless top with fine art deco intricacy and a sheer side slit skirt. Team up your dress with nice pointy shoes. Those with such figure can carry out a number of styles. One should be careful while picking up trousers and tops as it’s important to accentuate their slim waist to avoid their curves giving the illusion of a bulky torso.

For the pear body type

This is the ideal body type having an ideal feminine look accompanied with slim waist line, narrow ribs and shoulders and characterized by extra weight on the outer thighs.. If this is your body type, there are things you can do to make your curves look slimmer. Accentuate your slim top half with strapless tops or like this beautiful green pin tucked dress. Be all poised and perfect as you walk with all sophistication in those black and gold shoes on. Trousers that are flat-fronted or softly pleated are hugely flattering on pear-shaped women, as they emphasize a slimmer waist to create flattering curves rather than a bulky torso.


For the pillar body type

For a pillar like body type just put on a sleeveless two toned maxi dress. Cut that pillar like frame and minimize the wide shoulders as you don that sleeveless fur coat. Get the deco look with geometric Jewelery pieces or statement accessories like the handcuff and elegant looking fabric shaped ear pieces. Only if you are carrying the edgy metallic box and wearing those shiny pointed toe shoes.

For Athletic figure

Good tailoring is key for those with an athletic or boyish figure. Look out for flattering, non-clingy fabrics that will add shape to your figure, and team with a simple scoop neck or V-neck top to add shape to your torso.

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