New Delhi: Amid growing incidences of crime against women especially rapes, a Khap leader has come up with an absurd explanation in this regard. Khap leader Jitender Chhattar has said that obscenity in the movies, cultural changes and growing habit among youths of eating fast food are the main reasons behind sharp rise in such incidences.

He specifically blamed fast foods such as Chowmein, Burger and Pizza for this.     

Speaking like an expert, the Khap leader further explained how fast foods have negative impact on human body.  “When we eat fast food, it produces a lot of energy in the body which further enhances production of sex hormones increasing sexual desires. Therefore we should consume cold things and follow the culture of India and avoid pursuing life style of foreign countries,’’ said the Khap leader.

Chattar advocated adopting Indian culture in eating habits. He believes that if people adopt simple lifestyle, it can consequently bring a drop in rape cases.

Earlier, the same rural body had suggested lowering the marriageable age of boys and girls to 15-16 years and surprisingly Om Prakash Chautala, president of the main opposition party in the state assembly, Indian National Lok Dal, had endorsed this suggestion. However, he later backtracked his stand.



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