In the wake of this record breaking performance by Starc, let us have a look at five of the fastest deliveries in international cricket, along with the bowlers who bowled them.

1. Shoaib Akhtar(Pakistan): 160.3 km/h in 2003 against England.

Shoaib Akhtar, also known as the Rawalpindi Express, bowled arguably the fastest delivery in international cricket against England in 2003 World Cup group A match. Although the accuracy of the recorded speed is still questioned, it stands to be the fastest till the time it is proven otherwise.

2. Shaun Tait(Australia): 161.1 km/h in 2010 against England.

The historical cricket ground of Lord's saw the second fastest delivery by Shaun Tait of Australia against England. The record was followed by a series of injuries for Tait owing to which, he finally had to give up on his cricket career.

3. Jeff Thomson(Australia): 160.6 km/h in 1976 during fast bowling study at WACA.

The cricketer himself admits he might have hit the speed of 180km/h at times which went un-recorded. This delivery against India is considered to be one fastest and the meanest in the history.

4. Mitchell Starc(Australia): 160.4 km/h in 2015 against New Zealand.

The newest entrant to this prestigious list took the players and audience by surprise when he bowled the fastest delivery of international Test cricket and fourth fastest in all formats combined.

5. Fidel Edwards(West Indies): 157.7km/h in 2003 against South Africa.

Another player who fell prey to injuries, Fidel Edwards is one of the fastest bowlers in West Indies cricket history and this particular delivery got him into the list of fastest bowlers ever.


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