Chandigarh: The proposed nuclear power plant at Gorakhpur in Fatehabad district of Haryana would have no adverse effect on the lives of the people living around it but would instead open new opportunities for development of the area.

This was stated by P K Bansal, a renowned scientist who came from Mumbai and was interacting with villagers at Kumhariya to clear their misconceptions about the Nuclear Power Plant, an official statement said here on Sunday.

He said there were 20 nuclear power plants operating across the country and none of them had reported any accident as per the international norms.

Bansal, therefore, urged the people not to oppose the setting up of the n-power plant in Haryana as it would cause no harm but ensure its benefit to all sections of society.

On the apprehensions about radiation, Bansal said, "it is all around including in sunlight, air, soil and even in eatable items and also in homes. It was known as natural background radiation".

He clarified that the radiation emanating from the nuclear power plant was less than the natural background radiation with no adverse impact.

Stating radiation helped in the treatment of fatal diseases like cancer and it also made significant contribution to the promotion of new industry and agriculture, Bansal described radiation as a boon and not a curse.


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