The weather vane, which depicts a cloaked figure holding a scythe while bending over a set of stumps, has been part of the scenery at the 'home of cricket' since it was donated by architect Herbert Baker in 1926.

However, it was damaged by strong winds in March and had to be taken away for repairs.

But having featured as an exhibit in the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) museum at Lord's, while awaiting further treatment for copper damage, it has now been returned to its traditional position.

As 'his' name suggests, Father Time has indeed moved with the times and his return to the Mound Stand was announced via Twitter.

"Oh yes! I'm back :) #LoveLords"," a Twitter message on the official Lord's feed said.

Father Time has previously fallen foul of bad weather more than once.

He was struck by lightning in 1992 and, worse, knocked completely off his perch when hit by a barrage balloon during the Blitz in the Second World War - before spending the rest of the conflict in a cellar.

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