New Delhi: In a unique judgement, a Delhi court while striking down the petition of a person seeking custody of his two sons from his divorced wife has ruled that he can meet his sons for two hours, once every month, but only after paying Rs 1000 to his wife to ensure better future of his kids.

Rajeev Dhan Singh who is divorced from his wife Rakhi had filed the petition in Tis Hazari Court for the custody of his two children. Singh and his wife are living separately since March 16, 2005.

While announcing the judgment, Tis Hazari court Guardian judge Gautam Manan said the role of a father is equally vital in children’s lives just as their mother. Since the children can’t be deprived of the right to meet their father, Singh was granted permission to meet his children but only after paying the minimum amount fixed by the court.

The court has also fixed the time for their meeting. Rajeev can see his children every fourth Sunday of the month from 3-5 pm.

The court said that Rajeev will have to inform about the meeting place to his wife and children a day before.

(JPN/ Bureau)