New Delhi: The flagship social welfare programme of UPA government – MNREGA – has not been able to meet targets as desired by the planners. The damning fact emerged after the Rural Development Ministry conducted an audit survey of the scheme in nine districts spread across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and National Capital region (NCR).
The report revealed that the people in Bihar are not even properly aware about the scheme, on which the Central government spent Rs 36, 511 crore during the last fiscal.

This, despite the fact that the rural development ministry ran a two-month-long campaign on major TV channels in these states.
Following this a survey was also conducted through an agency between November 2010 and February 2011 to analyze the impact of the TV campaign.

Nine districts including Sitapur, Mainpuri and Mau of Uttar Pradesh, Muzzafarpur and Arwal of Bihar, Bhilwara and Jaisalmer and eight hundred villages of NCR were selected for the survey.

Ironically, government chose private TV channels as a medium for its campaign which does not have its reach in country’s hinterland.

Therefore, the report suggests that the government instead of private TV channels must opt for the services of Doordarshan to spread awareness about the scheme.

The responsibility of spearheading the campaign must be given to the village head, as the scheme aims to ensure an inclusive growth in the rural area, the report concluded.