"No, they haven't," Clinton told yesterday night when asked whether federal investigators had been in contact with her.

"But you know, back in August, we made clear that I'm happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. And I stand by that."

In January, the US State Department revealed that during its review of Clinton's 52,000 pages of private email, it had come across 22 documents that had to be upgraded to 'Top Secret'.

It said at the time that it would conduct a separate internal review to determine if the secret information in those emails had been mishandled at the time they were sent.

However, the State Department deferred that judgment to the FBI, which is conducting a more comprehensive security review of Clinton's email.

The outcome is expected amid the 2016 election cycle. Pressed on whether the FBI probe could interfere with her path to the nomination, Clinton said she was not 'concerned' about it, media reported.

On Friday, a State Department spokesperson said it would suspend its own internal review of the emails. The department said the decision was made in consultation with the FBI.

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