"We look up to film-critics. The opinion of critics has a great impact on filmmakers. But most of them actually mock at our work rather than giving a helpful insight to what we have done correct or what we have not. That way both the parties can have a healthy relationship," Ghai said.
"You have the responsibility to look into the growth of civilization and of the next generation," he added.
FCCI, which has Premendra Mazumdar from Kolkata as its president and Dalton L from Cochin as the secretary, has been meeting at IFFI and other festivals in India for the last five years, and was officially registered in February this year.
"In India we have films being made in different languages. So, there is no common language and hence no national film critic body. We wanted to create a platform so that film critics from all over the country can interact with each other," Dalton said.
FCCI members announced their plan to institute the FCCI Award for Best Film, which would initially be a citation.
They also decided to host screenings and discussions at existing forums in different citadels of cinema like Ghai's Whistling Woods in Mumbai, IIC and IHC in New Delhi, SRFTI, Nandan, Shatabdi Bhavan and Jadavpur University in Kolkata.
The members also plan to curate film exchange packages to increase awareness about regional films.


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