New Delhi: Vowing not to let foreign brands "step foot in Mumbai", the Shiv Sena on Wednesday said foreign investment in multi-brand retail will "snatch the livelihoods of traders and farmers".

"We will not allow these foreign companies to step foot in Mumbai and neither will the citizens of India let them in... 70 percent of Indians are protesting against FDI (foreign direct investment), that's why the Bharat Bandh took place," Shiv Sena MP Anant Gangaram Geete said on Wednesday while taking part in the debate on the issue in the Lok Sabha.

"The government is taking business away from local traders and farmers and giving it to foreigners and then say it is for the country's welfare. I compliment their intelligence," Geete added.

Citing Mahatma Gandhi's stand against foreign products, Geete said Mahatma Gandhi was a firm advocate of "all things swadesi and was against videsi" but this government was supporting and welcoming foreigners.

"There are 35 lakh north Indians in Mumbai and of those almost 20 lakh sustain themselves by selling milk, vegetables and fruits. You are snatching their livelihood and giving it to Wal-Mart and other foreigners," he said.


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