London: Director Steven Spielberg says he is motivated to tackle projects that scare him.
The 64-year-old said he likes to take on projects which intimidate him, and he is always nervous when he is on the set of a new movie, as reported.
"Fear is what drives me. Every movie is scary for me and every day I shoot the movie is scary. And I need fear because it drives me to explore things. It keeps me looking for a new variation on constant themes," Spielberg said.
Talking about his upcoming film 'War Horse', Spielberg said he finds the animals most intelligent.
"I'd never made a movie where a horse was the star. Or, indeed, any animal was the star. My daughter, who is 14, is a competitive jumper. And my wife just started doing dressage.
"So I've been living with horses for the past eight years, and they've been part of my life for the past 16 to 17 years. Based on directing a movie with horses, I now feel very strongly that they're the most intelligent animals I've ever come across.