Indian authorities are working on the documentation to be provided for deportation from Indonesia, which has been made easy recently after the two countries signed an agreement to handover criminals based on a court warrant.
The Indian Government had issued a notification on August 21, 2015 to facilitate repatriation of criminals from each other's territory. Once Dawood's right hand man, 55-year-old Rajan is said to be facing serious security threats from gang of Karachi-based don and has long been hopping places in South East Asia to avoid attempts on his life.
"I am not scared," he said when reporters asked him if he was scared of threats to his life from rival gangs, including one headed by Dawood. However, he parried questions whether he has reached a deal with Indian intelligence agencies to return to India.
The Indonesian Police has provided him a strong protective cover of special commandos amidst reports that rivals could eliminate him. Asked whether Indonesian police did not find it suspicious to spot Rajan alone as police, rival gangs and mafias were looking for him, Bali Police commissioner Nainggolan said "Of course, it is very suspicious. When we caught him, he looked scared...He was smoking constantly."
Bali Police spokesman Hery Wiyanto said they were aware of the threats faced by Rajan and he has been placed with special commandos for protection. "We have all the measures in place to ensure that the prisoner's security is not compromised. Since he is a foreigner, we have heightened security for him," he told reporters.

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