And that's just a click of a few buttons away now, so let's get started. Invitations to install apps or join games are the number one most frustrating feature of Facebook.

You could be bombarded with invites on a daily basis, and most apps make it quite easy to spam an entire friends list with annoying alerts. Now you can put a lid on this nightmare.

Open your Settings screen on the Facebook Web client and click on the "Blocking" tab on the left sidebar.

Under the heading "Block App Invites", type the name of the person on your friends list who has been pestering you for long enough now with unwarranted invites. It's done! You can use this same page to block specific apps from contacting you entirely, and even prevent your friends from sending you event invitations.

Why some users flee Facebook?

With more than a billion active Facebook accounts worldwide, "non-use" of the social networking site is now fairly common, finds a study.

The team from Cornell university found that a third of Facebook users take breaks from the site by deactivating their account and one in 10 completely quit.

The motivation for leaving Facebook was varied among the participants -- from concerns about privacy and data misuse to problems with productivity and addiction.

Some respondents also said they were tired of engaging in shallow or banal social interactions.

"Others left or suspended activity to avoid being friended by a boss, a student or former romantic partners," said Eric PS Baumer, post-doctoral associate in communication at Cornell.