“Although every actor has a tag which remains with him/her forever, but my tag is a freakish one,” he said with a hearty laugh adding that I am glad that people like my kissing scenes but I want my audience to remember me for my acting and films.”

Emraan Hashmi, who is all set to make his Hollywood debut with an Oscar winning director Danis Tanovic, feels that audience has become smart and they know what to watch. But to meet their expectations, directors deliberately add an intimate scene to the scripts.

“Considering the expectations of the audience, directors compulsorily adds a kissing scene in the film. My kissing scenes have become a component of making a film successful,” he said and added that even the Oscar winning director Danis has put a kissing scene in the film which was not even in the script.

Even Kunal Deshmukh, who has earlier directed Emraan in couple of films, said that audience does not watch Emraan’s film because it does not have his trademark ‘kissing scenes’. “Audience likes sensuality in the Emraan’s film and that is the reason why we incorporate intimate scenes in the script,” he said.

The Jannat actor does not care about being part of the "100 crore club". “It is useless if the film earns more than Rs100 crore but the audience does not like it. So an actor and the filmmaker must concentrate on making a good film rather than thinking of its profit,” says Emraan.

Asked about the tiff with Mahesh Bhatt, he said, “Our fight started on Twitter on a very petty issue. Unfortunately I did not get time to talk to him due to my busy schedule, but I will surely catch up with him as soon as I reach Mumbai.”

Talking about his son, who was recently diagnosed with cancer and is now recuperating with the disease, Emraan said, “It was very disturbing time for me. I could not concentrate on my work but now his treatment is over and I am looking forward spending some quality time with him.”

Emraan also had a word of praise for his co-star Humaima Malik, saying that she is a very talented actress and I am sure people here in India will accept her with open arms.

Speaking about the story and idea of the film, director Kunal Deshmukh said, “The idea of making a film on conning has always fascinated me. So I was working on the script from a long time. It was an easy decision to choose Emraan for the role of the conman.”

Shifali Mathur/JPN


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