Rajnath Singh said, "There is no other country like India where the feeling of inclusiveness exists. This feeling has been embedded since the Vedic period in our culture and it is only in our country that even the saints have considered the world as a family. Such equanimity prevails in the minds of countrymen.”

Highlighting the importance of multi-party system in India, Rajnath said, “In the most influential countries like UK and USA, there exists only two party system but in India due to multi-party system, there are many ways for people to voice out their opinions.”

“India never had an armed revolution, police mutiny as inclusiveness is inculcated in our culture and our rich civilisation. We have successfully stood tall even after our partition and freedom struggle and made a mark as the largest democracy in the world,” the Home Minister said.

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Highlighting Pradhan Mantri Durghtna Bhima Yojana and Jeevan Jyoti Yojana, Rajnath Singh lauded efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to develop India and dedicate his team for poor. Rajnath Singh also showered praise on the great leaders of our country and called Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Dr BR Ambedkar as the unifying force and the binding force of India respectively.

In pics: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh at Jagran Forum

Finally hitting out at ruckus created by the main Opposition in the Parliament, the minister said, “We have always tried to cooperate with the Opposition. An efficient Opposition is important for the country but they don't have the right to doubt the judiciary's decision and halt important bills like GST. No matter what party you belong to, the feeling of inclusiveness should be present in everybody.”

He finished the speech saying that politics has to lead the country on the paths of science and technology, education and health and the importance of making India a politically and economically free nation.

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