New York: The National Rifle Association’s annual convention in the US unveiled an assortment of female-friendly gun accessories, including a bright pink bra with a gun holster.

The NRA wants gun-loving ladies to pack heat in style.

Lacy lingerie linked to a gun holster was on display at last month’s convention in Houston, along with several other female-friendly accessories, like a bubblegum pink NRA T-shirt, his-and-hers rifle sets, and bumper stickers that read, “A Woman With a Gun Has More Fun!” a daily reported.

To use the bra gun holster, “simply pull up your shirt with one hand and pull down on your pistol with the other,” a product description on NRA’s website instructs.

The holsters are made by Flashbang and can clip to any bra. The bra costs 39.99 dollars.