Chennai: West Indies pacer Ravi Rampaul, who dismissed Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar in the World Cup match in Ahmedabad, said it was the best of his fledging career so far.

"It was the best ball of my cricket career," said Rampaul.

The 26-year-old pacer of Indian got Tendulkar in the match's first over itself, inducing the Indian opener a nick to wicketkeeper Devon Thomas.

Although the umpire ruled him not out, Tendulkar walked to give Rampaul a massive success in his maiden World Cup appearance.

"It was one of those moments in life you dream of. When I saw him walk I felt great. It was an amazing feeling. I wasn't sure how to celebrate,” he added.

"Here was I, in one of the biggest matches of my career, getting the wicket of one of the greatest batsman. I felt really great to get such a massive breakthrough for the team," Rampaul said.