(Jagran News Network): These days everybody has a Feng Shui suggestion to offer. “Why is your mirror facing the bed!”, “Why have you got this wall constructed?”, “You should not have built your kitchen here”, Why don’t you change the direction of your prayer room” etc. We are bombarded with advices which are mostly unpleasant because we do not want to build a wall across our drawing room spoiling its beauty, we cannot afford to change the direction of our kitchen or we were not lucky enough to buy an east facing flat. And all these limitations leave us feeling scared and guilty and we are also apprehensive that the present set up that we have around us is inviting negative energy responsible for all the misfortunes occurring in our lives.

Feng Shui or for that matter any such practice may not be scientifically proven but a number of us believe in it and want to make changes in our surroundings as per its rules. So here are some handy tips that can help eliminate negative forces from your surroundings and channelize positive energy towards your direction without you actually spending a lot of money or making huge efforts.

    * Keep a mirror in your bed room if you cannot avoid. But cover it with a cloth when you go to sleep. But please do not let it face the bed.

    * Do not hand solitary photographs in your bed room if you are married.
    * Place a wind chime outside your main entrance..
    * Hang 3 Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon on the back of your front door handle. This will attract Auspicious money.
    * Get rid of any dried flowers in your space. They are dead and you do not want your wealth to be dead. Replace them with fake or silk.
    * Have live plants in as many rooms as possible, if their leaves look like round coins, even better. But do not keep them in your bedroom at night.
    * Keep the kitchen well stocked with food. When we have our cupboards filled with food, we feel more abundant.
    * Clean out your closets and drawers. Give away, sell or throw away anything that you not longer use or no longer like.
    * Do something that lifts your spirit, like placing wonderfully smelling flowers at your desk. They will give you a fresher and a rosier outlook on things.
    * The head of the bed should be placed against a wall rather than under a window or away from the wall.
    * If your mattress is showing signs of age, get a new one. You should change it at lkeast every 10 years. Mattresses hold a lot of stagnant energy, so you must de clutter your bed room and stack away everything else neatly in almirhas.
    * If you have to keep your TV in your bedroom, consider putting it in an armoire and keeping the doors closed while you sleep. A piece of fabric covering the TV at night will also do the trick.

And last but not the least, please keep your house clean and free from arguments and tensions. More than anything else it is the cleanliness and healthy atmosphere of your home that matters. So go to any lengths to ensure that your walls exude love and your windows evict smile-success and health would follow.