New Delhi: Dr Snehal Deshpande lists out 10 Vastu and Feng Shui tips that will draw positive energy. Buying a house is a very expensive dream for the common man and needs a lot of sacrifice. At this point of time, some knowledge of the dos and don'ts of vastu — Feng Shui will surely save a person some unwanted difficulties.

Here are 10 tips that you need to follow before buying and moving into a new house:

1 Avoid a property which has a door facing the South-West as it is the entry of the devil’s energy and brings in struggle and misfortunes.

2 It is ideal if the house is a square or a rectanglar in shape as a cut in any direction can cause problems. For example, a cut towards the South-West may bring problems in your business and relationships. Select a house in which the South-West and the North-East are protected.

3 A house which has a kitchen in the South-East will enhance your health and wealth, but make sure that you avoid a kitchen in the North or the North-East as it may bring in financial and health problems.

4 Select a house which has a master bedroom facing the South-West as it is the key to the door of stability.

5 Bath rooms and toilets are best located in the West or the South. Ideally, the should not be facing the North and the North-East direction as that might cause financial, health and education problems.

6 Your house breaths from the centre. Avoid a house having  a toilet or a bathroom in the centre.

7 Evil energy resides in the deep holes of the South-West. Avoid a house which has an underground water tank or a well in that direction.

8 Select a house which has a North-South magnetic axis either perpendicular or horizontal. Angular North indicates a major vastu defect.

9 Avoid a top floor flat as the heating of the roof disturbs and scatters the energy of the house.

10 It is good if a house is open from three sides and closed from one side. It helps to have windows on opposite sides. This attracts good energy, thereby increasing your wealth.

You can give 10 marks to each commandment and select a house which scores higher. However, many of the above defects can be taken care of by some remedial measures. So here’s raising a toast to a perfect home.

(Courtesy: City  Plus)