Speaking with emotion during the Canadian Grand Prix, the two-time champion disobeyed team orders to save fuel and said he wanted to race against other drivers first and economise later.

"When you are in the middle of a battle, fuel is a low priority and you will find time later on," he explained after being forced to retire from the race. "After three or four reminders of fuel, I just said let me race and let me have some fun.

Asked to save fuel, during the race, Alonso retorted on team radio: "I don't want, I don't want. I have really big problems now, driving with these and looking like amateurs… So I race and then I concentrate on the fuel."

Told later that the outburst had been widely interpreted as a demonstration of frustration against the team, Alonso said: "You need to understand I believe in this project -- all the programme of developing the car is quite positive.

"I know it is difficult for the fans, but they need to be patient and they need to believe because something good is coming.

"We had to save a lot of fuel at this track and right from the first lap I was told to save fuel, but I was in the middle of a few battles.

"We are 35 kph behind Ferrari on the straights, we had to save fuel, we had to save tyres because we were stopping once, and I was fighting with them.

"After two or three message I told them to let me fight now and have some fun and then I'll save fuel at the end of the race when were are alone."

Alonso had to retire for the third race in succession and fourth in six races. On a bad day for McLaren his teammate Jenson button also failed to finish.

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