Delhi: So you've goofed up and are left wondering what you could do to make people forget the bitter bits. We tell you how you can make people like you, in spite of what you might have done:

>> Your first recourse is humour. Lighten up. When you'll learn to laugh at yourself, you'll end up making more friends. And once you can make fun of yourself, people will find it tough to stay away.

>> Begin by taking active interest in finding solutions. Everyone likes to have someone who'll advice less and offer practical solutions.

>> Be honest about your role in any project. Do not take away the credit that somebody truly deserves. That's one thing to guard against, especially when you are desperate that people begin looking at you differently.

>> Take responsibility. Do not pass on the buck. People then tend to look at you as someone who has things under control.

>> If a situation has arisen where you must apologise, do not delay it. The faster you say sorry, the easier it becomes for you to move ahead.

>> Be prompt about taking initiative. Planning an office party? Go ahead - be the first one to offer to take care of bookings and other logistics. People love enthusiasm.