The new Punto Evo’s compact diesel engine offers improved performance, better fuel efficiency, a smoother drive, and has set the benchmark for diesel engines in India.

The petrol version of the new Punto Evo features F.I.R.E., a revolutionary advancement in Fiat’s engine technology. Delivering stellar performance with welcome fuel efficiency, F.I.R.E. makes it just perfect for your daily commute.

Embodying the fine Italian design, a majestic outside, and elegant interior, the new Punto Evo comes in breathtaking
hues, each one being better than the other. Choose from Red, White, Black, Minimal Grey, Tuscan Wine or fresh shades like Glitterati Gold, and Magnesio Grey.

The 16” alloy wheels sturdy alloy wheels are the first-of-its-kind in the hatchback segment, ensuring you a smooth drive in all weathers, on all roads. The Reindeer Headlamps provide better visibility and style, and earn fresh envy.

The new Punto Evo’s sexy curvilinear new dashboard features dual tone soft touch, ambient lighting, sleek push buttons, smarter controls, and a glove compartment with enough room to accommodate everything of importance to you.

The new Punto Evo is now also available in all new black sporty interiors. If you are a sport enthusiast, this edition is for you.

With its rear AC-vent, the new Punto Evo ensures even cooling throughout the car. The adjustable AC vents cool every seat, the same.

The new Punto Evo pampers passengers and drivers alike. Its ergonomics ensure steady alignment with additional cushioning, snug-fit seats, offering increased comfort for fatigue-free driving.

The new Punto Evo is built like a tank. Its sturdy frame minimizes primary damage, while the indoor mechanism reduces impact.

The new Punto Evo is the first car in its segment to step ahead of single-digit coding, and apply Random Multi-Digit Secure Code technology that generates a unique multi-digit secure code each time you key in.

Additionally, its E-Immobilizer hands you the power to disable the engine in case of theft.

The innovative airbags on the new Punto Evo open in two stages. The first set juts out on impact and the second at ease, reducing the chances of casualties.