New Delhi: Trying to clear the logjam created by Airport Authority of India in the way of the allotment of the DDA flats in Vasant Kunj to the lucky allottees, the Delhi Development Authority has come with a new idea to remove the overhead water-tanks and instead build low-height fibre tanks which will automatically reduce the height of the towers by two meters.

This should not only give a sigh of relief to the lucky DDA flat allottees in Vasant Kunj but also appease the AAI who had earlier refused to give clearance to the society. The bone of contention was the height of the towers in the society, which is not very far from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Earlier AAI had contended that the society falls in the flying channel of the authority and the several flights start descending for landing from this zone. Therefore, any construction project here requires approval of AAI.

The height of the four towers in the society located in D-6 block of Vasant Kunj is 29 metres which is two metres more than the approved limits. Each tower houses 475 flats.
As per DDA, the work on reducing the height of the towers will be started July. Also they confirmed that for this, no flat will be demolished but only the water-tanks on top of the towers will be replaced by fibre tanks.

Neemo Dhar, the chief PRO of DDA said, “Before starting work on the proposed plan, we will get the sample ready. For this, DDA will start working from this week itself. DDA had prepared three proposals for the solution to the height issue and received a go-ahead for replacing the overhead tanks with the fibre tanks.”