New Delhi: Lauding the recent economic reform measures by the government, Ficci today appealed to political parties to set aside their differences and support the government in its move.
"We have been appealing continuously that it is important to set aside political differences in the greater interest of the country and we have said that we must work towards building consensus," Ficci President R V Kanoria told reporters here.
He said political parties should work on issue-based politics. "Therefore, what is good for the country should come above everything", he said.
Asked if the government's decision to stick to its decision would lead to mid-term elections, Kanoria said, "I do not think the government is subjecting the country to mid-term poll.
"The country needs reforms, it needs to grow, it has potential, talent and entrepreneurial skills. I will urge those who are not supporting the reforms to think carefully".
Last Friday, the government decided to hike diesel price, and cap supply of subsidised LPG cylinders besides implementing FDI in multi brand retail.
Following this, there were demands of rollback from ally Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the Opposition.      

Trinamool, the second largest constituent of UPA with 19 MPs last night decided to withdraw support to the government and pull out its ministers, opposing government's decisions.
Asked whether political stability or reforms is a priority for the government, Kanoria said, "....We have to see what is the end objective of reforms? It is to provide employment and benefit to people. If these two criterion are not met then that reform is not correct.
Stating that the government's move is a mood changer for the industry, he, however, said it needs to be sustained in order to sustain the mood. "The ability to sustain these reforms will improve India's image globally too".
On implementation of 51 per cent FDI in multi-brand retail, he said, the decision has been left to the states.
"In our opinion, every state has the right to decide whether they would like to introduce FDI in retail. They are free not to implement it," he said.
Ficci Vice-President Sidharth Birla said, reforms are needed in decision-making - administrative and bureaucratic areas.
"Unless we have good procedures, investments are not going to flow in or to give us the desired results. So, there is a need for more transparency, to make laws more unambiguous, to make acquiring of land for industrial use more easier and improving business climate," he said.


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