Paul – the ‘psychic’ Octopus gained fame during the 2010 World Cup by predicting the outcome of several matches in the tournament that was held in South Africa. He died in October 2010.

Most of his soothsaying was spot on as he predicted the right results of several games during the last World Cup, mostly matches involving Germany. He had spent most of his life in a tank at a Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany.

This Google doodle shows a confused Paul, scratching his head with his tentacles in bafflement, trying to pick the right winner between two boxes with Belgian and Algerian flags in them.

The Google doodle shows Paul sitting in the clouds, which depicts his afterlife and has a red and yellow coloured football placed in front of him.

The colours of the football depict World Cup’s host nation Brazil’s official flag.

Paul’s modus operandi while predicting right results of the football matches in last World Cup was quite straightforward.

Two boxes that contained food, each marked with the flag of a national team, were put forward in front of him. The national team’s flag in the box that he used to pick for food was considered his prediction for the winner of that particular game.

Although, Paul predicted the right winners of all seven of Germany’s games in the 2010 World Cup, his most important prediction came when he predicted the right winner between Spain and Netherlands in the finals.


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