New Delhi: The fifteenth Lok Sabha seems to be heading to a dubious distinction of being the least productive in terms of business transaction. Most of the time of the Lower House of Parliament sessions has been lost in disruptions caused by the standoff between the government and the opposition.

According to the statistics prepared by the Lok Sabha secretariat, only 1,157 hours of the sittings, held during the 12 sessions of Parliament so far since its inception in 2009, saw proper business transaction.

Notably, the 14th Lok Sabha had clocked 1,737 hours of business during UPA I. These statistics indicate that the 15th Lok Sabha has so far run for minimum hours in the nine years rule of the UPA government. The 13th Lok Sabha had clocked 1,946 hours of work during the NDA regime.

The 9th, 11th and 12th Lok Sabha saw much fewer than 1,737 hours as none of them could complete their full year-term. The 9th Lok Sabha managed 754 hours of sittings during 1989-91, while the 11th Loka Sabha (1996-1997), which lasted for little more than one year, had clocked 814 hours of work transaction.

The 12th Lok Sabha, which also lasted for hardly more than one year, had 575 hours of sittings. Notably, the 6th Lok Sabha from 1977-1979, which lasted for only two years, had clocked 1,753 hours of work.

No important business has been transacted in the present budget session of the Parliament since the House resumed on April 22. Precious hours have been lost in disruptions created by the opposition parties, posing a serious threat to the functioning of democratic apparatus of the country.


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