Mumbai (JPN/Bureau): In what is being seen as a strong sentiment for sending Ajmal Kasab, a kingpin of 26/11 Mumbai mayhem, to gallows, jail authorities in Mumbai have received as many as 50 applications for hangmans from across the country.

The Bombay High Court will pronounce its verdict on the death sentence of Kasab on February 21. The decision will come nine months after a special court had delivered its verdict on the Pakistani terrorist.

The post of the hangman in Mumbai jail is vacant for the past six months and many people have shown their interests in hanging Kasab.

A senior prison official said that within two months they have received around 50 applications from across the country for executioner’s post.

The official also added that the applications were fraught with hatred and vengeance for Kasab.

Currently, Kasab is in Mumbai’s Arthur jail amid tight security and after the confirmation of death sentence he will be taken either to Pune or Nagpur jail for execution.

Presently, jail officials are sorting out the applications and looking for a suitable person for the job. However, a decision will be taken after the verdict is out.

There is no hangman in state prisons at the moment. Pramod Jadhav was the last executioner in Maharashtra prisons. Meanwhile, officials are looking for a male candidate who should be atleast 5 feet 4 inches for the position.