Reiterating that there is no magic wand to solve all the problems, Kejriwal once again reached out to the common man and said he never imagined two years ago that there would be a revolution in the national capital.

“We were disappointed. The country’s politics had destroyed everything. People of Delhi showed that elections can be fought and won with honesty,” he said in his first address to the people of Delhi after taking over as the Chief Minister.

“We had not even thought about establishing the rule of common man and overthrowing the corrupt two years ago,” he added.

The taxman-turned politician further said this is a new beginning.

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“The real fight cannot be fought by Kejriwal alone. People, not police or politicians, will run the government. But I have full confidence that if 1.5 crore people unite then we can get rid of corruption from Delhi,” said Kejriwal.

“We don’t have solution to all problems. We do not have any magic wand. But we have full confidence that if the people of Delhi unite then we can get rid of all problems,” he added.

Kejriwal said the people of Delhi have given Aam Aadmi Party a big responsibility.

“We will run the government with the people of Delhi. Our win seems like a miracle. We fear at times seeing the expectations from the people of Delhi. I appeal to god to give us wisdom and courage and we have full hope that if we move ahead in the right direction we will achieve everything,” he said.


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