CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury while targeting the NDA government which is set to complete one year later this month also accused it of "backtracking" on many issues that it had opposed during the UPA government like FDI in retail trade.

The 'trimurti' of 'neo-liberal' economic policies, communal polarisation and undermining of democratic institutions, pursued by the BJP government, should not be allowed to turn into a 'trishul', he said.

On how to check this trend, he said, "We are in talks with other Left parties, while mass organisations like Kisan Sabha and trade unions are independently working out agitational programmes on these issues."
Briefing reporters on the deliberations of the two-day Polit Bureau meeting, Yechury said the latest 21st Party Congress was of the view that the BJP government was pursuing this trend.

These are the "aggressive pursuit" of the neo-liberal economic reforms, "relentless onslaughts" on the secular-democratic foundations of the country by "sharpening communal polarisation" and the "movement towards an authoritarian rule through the erosion of democratic institutions", he said.
These trends "are all getting aggravated," Yechury said, adding that a united Ppposition has been able to check the BJP plans in Parliament.
The BJP government "is backtracking on many issues that it had opposed during the UPA government like FDI in retail trade. It's backtracking on the Land Acquisition Bill is a classic case," he said.
The way the Modi government was "undermining parliamentary democracy is unprecedented. It has passed nearly 50 legislations (over 90 percent) in the Lok Sabha without allowing parliamentary scrutiny by referring them to the respective parliamentary Standing Committees, during the course its first year in office," he said.

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