Chennai: After numerous reports of violence against women in various parts of the country including hideous and merciless Delhi gang-rape which stir the entire nation, budding Indian engineers have come up with an innovative solution to the menace that will surely create hellish situation for any rapist.

Chennai based engineers have invented Society Harnessing Equipment, lingerie, that emits up to 82 shocks on an attacker when he gropes the victim's breast, a daily reports. The inner garment is also equipped with a GPS system to alert authorities and the victim’s relatives.

The story published in a media report says that the invention could give women freedom from situations they face in public places.

The inner side of the garment is lined with a polymer that protects the woman wearing it from the electric shocks it gives off. Only the bra section is electrified and sex attackers receive shocks when they grope in that region first.

The design is currently being modified for mass production and should be available for sale by the end of this month.

The inventors — two of whom are female — are students at Chennai's prestigious SRM University, one of the country's top engineering schools.

The female inventors said their own personal experiences, coupled with December's gang rape of a young woman in New Delhi, led them to create the lingerie.

Once the sensors are activated, GPS and GSM modules would send an alert out to an emergency number and the woman’s parents.

The group invented the lingerie using the technology that's used in day-to-day life to combat the ever-present threat of violence in India.


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