The Direct-To-Fan model of release of any content has been so far used for the music industry globally. 'HNY' is the first commercial film worldwide to release on the DTF model which is being considered the future of films globally.

"We at Red Chillies have always taken pride in establishing new trends and delighting our fans. Along these lines we bring the biggest entertainer 'Happy New Year', directly to our fans through online streaming for the first time ever," says Venky Mysore, CEO RCE.

While the traditional distribution markets like India and China enjoy wide release of a Hindi film, DTF will release in other countries, barring these two traditional ones, to reach the most unconventional distribution markets.

The film will be available on HNY's website to be viewed by movie lovers worldwide. All one needs is an internet connection, a device to watch it on and a credit card. At a minimum price, the film can be viewed. It can be watched on your computer, cell phone or any other digital device with a net connection.

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