Mumbai: The unprecedented response by the nation to Anna Hazare's call against corruption may not have had the desired impact on the Indian government yet, but it is surely bringing about changes in Bollywood.

Ek Bura Aadmi, which highlights the nexus between politics and crime, has now gone in for a script-revision and re-shoot to ensure its hero, modelled after Hazare, does not die in the end as originally planned.

Says director Ishraq Shah, "How can Anna Hazare die? It somehow doesn't seem proper to let my hero of the masses (whom I've modelled after Hazare saab) die, when in real life the character is more alive than all of us put together. He has awakened humanity from a deep slumber."

Raghubir Yadav plays Hazare in the film. In the earlier ending, the protagonist finally dies. Shah is now re-working the story to go with the mood of the moment.

"The film about politics and corruption is dedicated to Anna Hazare," he says.