New Delhi:  In a bid to hide the irregularities and scams which earned disgrace for India during and after the Commonwealth Games (CWG), its Organizing Committee (OC) had made a film eulogizing the success of the event.

One year past, the 50-minute film on CWG, ‘Behind the Scene’, directed by Ramesh Sharma is still waiting for the right time to get its maiden release that can remind people of the CWG related scams again.

One of the CWG OC officials, Priya Paul, said that OC prepared the film to showcase the successes of the preparedness of the games but could not find suitable time for its release.

The film, ‘Behind the Scene’, has been made with the cost of Rs 60 lakh and most of them who participated in it are the members of OC itself.

Ironically, when the film shooting was going on, investigating agencies were busy enquiring the OC officials regarding the irregularities in CWG preparations at the same time.