"So I am hoping that with 'Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein' this fact is either proved," Shah said in a statement regarding the low-key promotions of the film.

The premise of suspense thriller 'Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein' is based on drugs, murder and conspiracy that create numerous twists and turns in its narrative.

"It's a whodunit and the investigation process has been depicted which is unusual in Hindi cinema. They (Films) never show how love happens but love just happens. Similarly in thrillers, the case is generally just solved without any investigation process," Shah said.

He feels the title of a film helps in raising curiosity among viewers.

"I decide whether to watch a film or not on the basis of how much I understand from title. And if I don't come to know anything from its title then my curiosity about the film rises," Shah said.

He said the film will spark curiosity among audience to know what exactly 'Charlie..' is.

'Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein' starring Naseeruddin Shah among others is produced by Karan Arora and directed by Manish Srivastava under the banner Picture Thoughts Production.

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