"Cinema has become commercial and it's necessary too promote films because budgets have become higher. There are many risks involved in the film making business. Nobody wants to take any chance with their own money,”  Ajay said.
"So, people promote their films in the best possible way and the films do good business. It's like hit-and-run case. Create buzz about it so much that people realize it only on Monday morning that it wasn't worth watching," he added.

Ajay said 'Zakhm' and 'The Legend of Bhagat Singh' are the best films in his more than two decade old career but he no longer got such stories.
"There is a dearth of good scripts today. People do not write such scripts either they don't want to or they can't. We have talent but we are not utilizing it. It's been long that I have got any such script," he said.
Devgn believes in striking a balance between masala entertainers and off-beat films.
"I have always considered myself as a method actor. I don't know what I am going to do next. My acting starts with camera and it ends with the cut," he said.
Known for his introvert nature, Devgn said he never tried to change his reticent behaviour.
"I always do what my heart says. I have always worked in my own terms and conditions. Earlier, people used to say me that since I don't talk much and mingle around I won't be getting good works. But I never pay head to it. I am very happy with my own space," he said.

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