New Delhi: The B-Town seems to be obsessed with the S-word. As often said, it’s only Shahrukh and Sex that sells in the film industry, another S-word has made its entry into the hot-selling category, Satire. Many recent films based on satire, but with a social message in it, has done what the off-beat films have failed to do, that is, pull audiences to the theatres and spread awareness about social issues in a satirical way. And when a journalist turns into a film-maker, there is no need to mention that out of Shahrukh, Sex and Satire, which one he would opt for sale of his film.

This has been the case with Phas Gaye Re Obama director Subhash Kapoor. “Commercial films narration has the power to pull in crowds to the theatres. Such films based on satire but with a strong social message can do wonders,” said Subhash Kapoor. They can grind two stones with an axe, he added.

Speaking on the sidelines of the second day of Jagran Film Festival here on Saturday where his film ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’ was screened, the director revealed that he too has been a victim of recession. “My first film Salaam India, I made in 2007, had very few takers. With the country reeling under recession, I too had to face major disappointments despite having good scripts in my hand. It was then that the idea to make a film on recession struck me. But I did not want to make a film with a hard hitting statement and preaching down philosophy. Satire was the right medium for me to convey the message across. The film, Phas Gaye Re Obama, shows how recession even affects the underworld. It is a sad subject but presented in a witty way,” the director elaborated.

Observation is the key to a journalist’s successful work and the same is true for a director. For Subhash Kapoor, his journalistic observation came in handy during the making of his film as well. “I started my career as political journalist. While I was covering elections in the sates of north India I saw many strong female characters who were like dons in their areas. The character of Neha Dhupia, which is called Munni Bai in ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’, is inspired by these characters.”

After Satire, it is the King Khan who attracts him the most. Given a chance, Subhash Kapoor would like spin magic with Shahrukh Khan. “I am keen to work with the Khans in this industry. After all Bollywood is a big star-driven industry. I admire Shahrukh a lot because I think he has a special charm of his own. But I will never compromise on the plot of the film for the sake of working with a star.”

After the success of a satire on recession, he is set on to make another satirical comedy ‘Jolly LLB’ starring Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani. “My next project is a satire on judiciary. This film will be released next year by April,” he concluded.

Farhat Jabeen/ Deblina Roy