New Delhi: Nordic air carrier Finnair has introduced an alert model in the creation of crew schedule-the first airline in the world to do so.

The new scientifically determined and experimentally verified system has been formulated with the aid of the Boeing Alertness Model (BAM).

The model assesses a pilot's state of alertness and promotes flight safety and wellness in work, a Finnair release said.

Finnair is the first airline to use alertness modelling to improve the wellbeing in work of its flight crews by influencing the structure of complex crew schedule, while taking all safety criteria carefully into account and maintaining productivity, it added.

BAM is included in Fatique Risk Management System (FRMS) by which time difference and any consequence decline in alertness, among other things, can be better taken into account when planning work rosters, it added.

"This is an important milestone for Finnair in improving the wellbeing in work of its flight crews. To date roster planning has been very subjective. The information gathered by the new tool provide a scientific basis for planning, so we can now influence flight crew roster by scheduling work better than before," Finnair Vice-President (Safety and Quality Management) Antti Aukia said.