In order to revive the financial condition, it has now adopted cost cutting as a preventive measure.

Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee has also shut down all the eight zonal offices recently opened in the state while the furniture, fax and computer-related materials provided at the zonal offices have also been reclaimed from the state headquarters.  

Earlier, each zonal heads were provided cars but all the vehicles have been taken back and submitted at the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) headquarters.

Now, the zonal offices would not be provided the monthly sum of Rs 40,000, which was earlier given to each zonal office. Extra telephone lines have also been surrendered at the zonal offices.

It is worth mentioning here that during the 16th Lok Sabha elections, dozens of SIM cards were provided to the party workers.

According to the sources, all mobile sets have been recollected and the party is not going to provide any extra amount to the SIM card holders. However, the SIM holders can own the SIM at their own expense.  

Besides, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, about dozens of party workers were provided vehicles from the party. However, following the ongoing financial crisis management initiative, only four party workers are left with the vehicle and the rest have been asked to return back the vehicles.

The four party workers, who still possess the vehicles, are chairman of media department, Satya Tripathi, chairman of disciplinary committee, Ram Krishna Dwivedi, state head of Congress Harish Bajpai and head of Mahila Congress, Anusuiya Sharma. All these four party workers are permitted to use only five-litres of diesel a day.

The monthly expenditure of the state Congress headquarters is around Rs 12 to 15 lakhs from which around eight to nine lakh is used for salary disbursal purpose.

According to the sources, the employees of the PCC headquarters received the salary of June around one week late.

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh unit state president Nirmal Khatri said that the party is not undergoing any financial crisis.

He stated that the additional facilities provided to the zonal offices during the elections have been stopped and after state committee was dissolved, the zonal office bearers were relieved of their responsibilities and that’s why the zonal offices have been closed.


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