Check out the lucky colours associated with days of the week.

This day is dedicated to moon. Wear white or light grey colour to make your day as lucky as possible.

Tuesday: Always wear orange or red shades on Tuesday. Lord Hanuman will definitely shower all his blessings upon you.

Wednesday: This is the day of Lord Ganesha. It's advised to wear green on this day to ensure good luck.

Thursday: On this day of Jupiter, try to wear yellow if possible. Yellow is known to bring lots of good luck on Thursday.

Friday: Move out in a blue, green or a white dress on a Friday. These colours are known to pacify Venus or the Lord Shukra.

Being governed by the planet Saturn, it is suggested to wear black, indigo or dark grey to keep the evil away.

Sunday: Ruled by the Sun himself, one is recommended to wear Pink, Orange and Maroon to bring the best possible results.


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