There is no doubt about the fact that the Lokpal Bill draft introduced in the Lok Sabha is neither sufficiently effective nor manages meets out the public expectations, however it is the need of the hour to metamorphose the long pending demand into reality. Though the draft may be relatively feeble but it is mandatory to evolve an Ombudsman mechanism. Had the Union Government desired it could have brought a more effective draft on the Lokpal to satisfy the public expectations, but it did not do so. Disappointments are obvious, but under democracy several organisations take a long time to come into existence and the required changes are made with the passage of time. It appears that the Lokpal too has a similar fate. The disenchantment amongst Anna Hazare and his aides is quite understandable as the Lokpal draft does not live up to their expectations. Though the Union Government may not like the modus operandi of Team Anna to hold protests over this issue, but it’s irrational conclusion that the Civil Society members do not have faith in the Parliament and democracy holds no meaning. The Congress and its allies which form the Union Cabinet should keep in mind that the Lokpal draft has been left in abeyance for the past 43 years, and they are largely accountable for the unwarranted hiatus. It cannot be overlooked that the Union Government is unwilling to grant permission to Anna and his team to hold protest in the national capital. Is’nt it that depriving common people of their constitutional rights an insult to the Parliament? Though the Centre may boast tall claims about its draft, but it should understand that demands of Anna enjoy the support of masses.

If Anna and his supporters are in favour of the inclusion of the Prime Minister under the Lokpal’s ambit, the move cannot be termed as unreasonable. However, it is hard to figure out the reasons behind the sudden turnaround by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the issue. After lying low for a long period, the BJP has reflected an unprecedented urgency to bring the Prime Minister under Lokpal’s purview. On this ground, the BJP was infact opposing the Lokpal draft. The BJP has now latched on the golden opportunity to target the Centre as it finds this issue as an appropriate reason to castigate the ruling alliance. If the BJP firmly believes that changes are mandatory in the Lokpal Bill draft, it will get the opportunity in the Parliament’s Standing Committee to bring about the required changes. It would be wise on everyone’s part to support the formation of Ombudsman mechanism rather than creating gratuitous obstacles in the path.  It is even more significant for the fact that no solution seems to be in the offing for several important issues which have been looming large on the country. Subsequently, everything seems to be hitting the point of stagnation. Under such circumstances, it becomes essential for the ruling alliance and the Opposition to set aside the issues of dispute and club hands to find solutions to long pending issues which have augmented the problems with each passing day.