Indians are known for cooking spicy dishes. Delicacies like  'mughlai curries' and 'punjabi dishes' are loved by people all over the world. But have you ever heard about a chutney made out of red ants?

We bring to your 5 bizarre food dishes that you would find in India:

Black Rice: Found only in India and China, this rice turns purple when cooked. Cooked in parts of Kerela and Sikkim, it is also known as magic rice.

Chaprah: The tribal areas of Chattisgarh have their unique way to adding twist to their food. Not a mint 'chutney', they prefer a dip made out of red ants and its eggs. This red ants 'chutney' is what they call as 'Chaprah'.

Frog Legs: An exotic dish from Sikkim, frog legs are served in Sikkim. And its not just about the taste, the frog legs are known to cure the stomach-related illnesses as well.

Chilli Ice cream: Who said ice creams are to be served as desserts. Can you dare to eat an ice cream made out of green and red chillies?

Rotten Potato: Not everybody loves french fries or potato curry. In parts of North Eastern India, there is a set of people who do not harvest potato until they have rotten. The rotten are then either cooked or eaten raw.