Lucknow: Five persons, including a youth and a woman, allegedly committed suicide in different parts of the city, police sources said here.

Rajesh Kesarwani (45), who owned a homoeopathic shop in Chinat hung himself from the ceiling of a room at his Hussainganj house on Saturday, they said.

Police said that Rajesh was upset due to family reasons as he and his wife Shradha had got separated within a month of their marriage.

Shradha had even filed three cases related to harassment, domestic violence and maintenance wages against him, they said.

In another incident, Ashok Kumar (36) hung himself after a dispute with her wife Krishna in Madiaon.

In a separate incident, one Tewari Gautam (27) also committed suicide after having a dispute with his wife Sushma in Kakori area.

In the fourth incident, Kallu Raidas (35) hung himself from a tree near his house in Mohanlalganj's Jabraulli village.

Police said that Kallu was missing from his house since Friday evening.

Nisha Yadav (30) also hung herself due to family dispute in Babukhera.